Review: Mark Vernon — “Magneto Mori: Kilfinane”

“It’s an exploration of tape recording as a form of memory storage. Using a portable reel to reel tape recorder sounds from around the town were recorded onto the first side of the tape over a two day period — dripping rain, creaky gates, car mechanics, drainpipes, shops, church bells, refrigerator cabinets, wind blowing through… Continue reading Review: Mark Vernon — “Magneto Mori: Kilfinane”

Review: Weezer — “The Black Album”

Weezer is the only band in existence that has a spot in my least favorite albums of all time. Though despite their obvious inconsistencies they have always integral to my musical personality. They’re an incredibly endearing, charming and memorable band that has released some amazing and genuinely timeless music over the years. I could rant… Continue reading Review: Weezer — “The Black Album”

What’s fresh: 5 New Artists of This March

Hey, everyone! Now, as usual, digest by Faeton here, to kill your musical hunger. Well, fewer words, more music. Let’s get this party started! 11 (alternative pop, London/UK) First one for today is “Why Choose Me” by 11. It’s duo made up of James Lamb on vocals and Richard Craker multi-instrumentalist and producer, based in… Continue reading What’s fresh: 5 New Artists of This March

Synthwave: Future in the Neon Light

Synthwave is often described as music that has the nostalgic flavour of the 1980s in both its atmosphere and its production characteristics. For me, the music has a special resonance that’s largely driven by the sheer quality of the music being produced by people creating within the broader genre. Over the last while, I’ve interviewed… Continue reading Synthwave: Future in the Neon Light

Review: Cosey Fanni Tutti — “TUTTI”

The member of the revolutionary industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle is back with a new musical endeavor. Cosey Fanni Tutti hasn’t released a solo effort in a long while, but she has been busy in various musical outfits with her husband Chris Carter (also of Throbbing Gristle), as well as authoring her autobiographical profile in “Art… Continue reading Review: Cosey Fanni Tutti — “TUTTI”