Echoes Of The Modern Age by Cape Cod

Modern life is a mess. An informational mess, mostly. You can take part in it, you can try to escape it, or you can just observe it like Cape Cod did, creating his new LP Echoes.

Cape Cod is a moniker of sound producer and musician from Kyiv Maksym Sikalenko. Although he’s now one of the most well-known Ukrainian electronic musicians, his path to the House music wasn’t short at all. “Till the 2010s, I had little mercy upon electronic music”, he recalls. “I perceived House music as Tiesto, David Guetta — it was really bad. That’s why I stayed out of it. Then I decided to dig deeper and realized that House music is different. And techno is totally different. And I switched to it.”

On The Way To Cape Cod

Behind this decision lays a truly diverse background. Maksym was working for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and Moon Records label, trying himself in musical journalism, administrating one of the largest Ukrainian metal-forums, and playing in his own math-core band.

Cape Cod by Julia Luzina

photo: Julia Luzina

Burial became his first source of inspiration in electronic music. “I was hooked by his ability to create the atmosphere of different places. When you’re listening to music, it seems like you’re feeling the breathing of the night city. But the best thing is that it wasn’t created with the sounds of a city at night. There were some hilsas falling and the samples from the PlayStation games, and all of that created an atmosphere so great that I was inspired and decided to try and do something like that by myself.”

And to be completely honest — Cape Cod should be proud of himself because the thing that inspired him the most is now one of the most unique features of his music: the unmistakable Kyiv vibe running through all of his work.

Everything Is Related

“My second album starts where my first album ends”, — Cape Cod makes an accent on the interconnection of his work. He develops this interconnection even more in Echoes: all the tracks on the album flow from one song to another like a solid musical stream, like a story with 14 chapters.

Cape Cod by Maya Baklanova

photo: Maya Baklanova

“In Echoes, I don’t evaluate anything. I’m just observing. If you think about it, the album itself is a part of the informational noise. But to truly understand it, you need to sit and listen to it start to finish. Listening to the tracks separately will have no effect. It’s like watching season 2 of Twin Peaks in 2018.”

The Voice Behind The Echoes

It took 7 vocalists from USA, United Kingdom, and Ireland to create this album. 7 different voices telling different stories — all the lyrics are created by the featured singers. 7 lucky members of the thoroughly selected base of songwriters that Maksym was creating for years.

Cape Cod by Julia Luzina

photo: Julia Luzina

Or you could say that the songs themselves were picking the artists to sing them. For example, the track “SunSay” was firstly created for collaboration with Ukrainian singer Andrey SunSay Zaporozhets but ended up being done by the bluesy gospel voice of Richard Farrell. YMTK went against his usual market goals and high prices for music’s sake. And Cheshy being a shym ‘home & bedroom’, ‘for the drawer’ musician came out of her shell for dozens of long Skype calls, and even introduced Maksym to her dog Shadow.

Cape Cod’s Holistic Music Agency

Everything is related. After the release, one of the listeners decided to congratulate Maksym in a social network and asked if the album was inspired by 1973 Earl Rich’s book “Cape Cod Echoes”. The name aside, the color of the book’s cover was basically the same one used on the album’s artwork.

 Earle Rich Cape Cod Echoes

photo: Earle Rich, “Cape Cod Echoes”

The album wasn’t inspired by the book. Talk about interconnection.

So maybe it’s not an informational mess after all. Maybe it’s just echoes of our previous history resounding here and now. team congratulates Maksim Sikalenko with a brilliant victory in Top Electronic Song of November!

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