Kid Coyote: A Musical Brain-Child

For the next few minutes, while you’re reading this article, I’ll be here to be your guide and let you dive into the world of independent music. Today I want to introduce to you indie-pop duo Kid Coyote from Boston, Massachusetts.

Kid Coyote

Firstly a bit of history. Clara Berry and Joe O’Neill — members of the project — met in college when Joe asked Clara to sing with his band, a cover version of the Radiohead’s song Nude. Their passion for music has turned into a personal passion, and they moved in together. So they decided to create something own.

 Kid Coyote by Sydney Bilodeau

photo: Sydney Bilodeau

I discovered this band for myself in the middle of the summer of 2016. That was exactly what I needed at that point in my life. I mean their track entitled “Full Moon Rising”. I listened to it over and over again for weeks, and still look to it sometimes. Okay, let’s check this out!

This is a part of a full-length release called “On Borrowed Lawns”, released February 14th, 2018. For now, it’s only one their release, but guys going to continue their work and will give us more music, I hope.

Kid Coyote On Borrowed Lawns

Overall, the sound of the album is very soft and deep. I like the way it performed and produced. It’s an example of making a rich musical arrangement with minimum musical instruments. Clara’s vocal manner attracting and forcing to pay attention to every detail of the music. There’s no technically difficult parts, crazy jazz harmonies or unusual time signatures. But I feel, here is the part of musicians souls. For me, it’s the essential feature in music. The full album you can find on musicians social links: 

By the way, recently Clara created an account on a Patreon service. So now you can easily support her. Here is a little video:


As a postscript.

I listen to tons of music in many genres every day and can make conclusions about the percentage of good stuff. Just believe me, this number is about 5% out of 100%. I want you to keep it in mind and support musicians you like. You can buy their music or share the music with your friends. Whatever, it’s critical for the musicians to keep their willing to create more good music for us.

Stay tuned.

Regards, Faeton.

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