What’s Fresh: 5 Artists You’ve Never Heard Before


Hope you are doing well and ready for something enjoyable about fresh music. If so, well, here I am.

I’ve been thinking about what can I discuss early in the year? And though there is a variety of topics in the music industry, I decided to share with you top 5 artists that I’ve already opened in 2019. Of course, the choice was quite subjective, however, I hope you’ll like it too. Let’s start from this point.

DOV (electronic/downtempo, Brooklyn/United States)

Under the DOV mask hiding the real human with the real name — Dov Eagle. I already can say, that this producer has a very big musical potential, and wish him all the best and keep doing good music.

DOV Be Your Lover

photo: Soundcloud

Here is the track “Be Your Lover”. This is one from two available at this moment tracks by DOV. His second track with vocalist Tesha titled “Save”, you can listen to it, below. Tesha was the one to approach DOV with the original outline of the song before the two worked together to finish the lyrics and the sound.

Ayelle (electronic/R’n’B, London/United Kingdom)

Talking about herself she says: ‘Swedish-Iranian Ayelle has been songwriting ever since she learned how to write.’

Ayelle Obvious

photo: Soundcloud

Her incredibly pleasant voice and great music arrangements won’t leave you indifferent. I fall in love with her music ever since I heard it. To be honest, I found her music a little earlier — in March 2018. But now I’m re-uncovering this artist, so she is in this article anyway. Just because it’s good stuff, that deserves your attention. Recommended listening to ”Obvious”, Ayelle’s new song.

Mindchatter (electronic/downtempo, New York/United States)

This musician also has only two tracks released, both this year. He is very impressive, at least for me. This particular song, titled “Blood” has some magic vibe, that makes my body move. Even now, while I typing this text and listening to this track, my head is moving!

mindchatter blood

photo: Soundcloud

Death Hags (post-punk/shoegaze, Los Angeles/United States)

Death Hags is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Lola Jean. In her music you can find out travels between worlds, mixing French and English lyrics, catchy melodies and guitar riffs with minimal electronic sounds.

Death Hags Electrochemical Communication

photo: Soundcloud

In February she has released a brand new single titled “Electrochemical Communication”. This song is real hypnosis! I just can lay down, close my eyes and listen to it again and again. On the one hand, the track may seem monotone, but all its secrets open later when this sweet poison gets to your brain.

Cloud Hands (indie rock/post-rock, New Jersey/United States)

Cloud Hands is a five-member band from Elon, North Carolina, now based in New Jersey. Guys make deep and atmospheric music. There’s no screamy distorted guitars and instrumental 12min length tracks, as in a regular meaning of post-rock.

Cloud Hands Cynics

photo: Soundcloud

They successfully mixed indie rock with very soft post-rock atmosphere and even acoustic taste. And this mixture sounds good! Here you can listen to their last single, titled “Cynics”.


That’s all for today. Maybe it was not so much about reading, but more about listening. And do you know, what I want to say for last? In the modern world, we are able to listen to thousands of fresh songs every day! But quality is more important than quantity in my opinion. Hope you found here something that fits your taste and will move into your everyday playlist. Stay tuned.

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