Review: Cosey Fanni Tutti — “TUTTI”

The member of the revolutionary industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle is back with a new musical endeavor. Cosey Fanni Tutti hasn’t released a solo effort in a long while, but she has been busy in various musical outfits with her husband Chris Carter (also of Throbbing Gristle), as well as authoring her autobiographical profile in “Art Sex Music” in 2017.

Chris & Cosey, 1983 Credit CTI
photo: CTI

TUTTI, released on her own Conspiracy International label, sounds like a logical development branch for the musician, focusing on a post-industrial landscape with heavy danceability. Even the lightless depths of Sophic Ripple and Split, that drag the listener towards dark ambient, end up sounding like a Massive Attack composition with more bite.

The album’s pristine production turns the reoccurring moments of wilderness into crystal clear psychedelia, luring the listener in instead of scaring off. All the bizarre and jagged synth pulses + endless low-register drones seem to go hand-in-hand with the ambient techno dirges Tutti presents on the record. Thrown in are also minor glimpses of saxophone and reverberated vocal chants.

I’d say the record is slightly reminiscent of the last year’s release from Nine Inch Nails record Bad Witch. It’s a fairly accessible electronic album with great song structuring and an expansive atmosphere. In case you’re more into the brooding side of electronic music, do yourself a favour and check out this recording. It is well-made and I enjoyed it very much.

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