What’s fresh: 5 New Artists of This March

Hey, everyone! Now, as usual, digest by Faeton here, to kill your musical hunger. Well, fewer words, more music. Let’s get this party started!

11 (alternative pop, London/UK)

First one for today is “Why Choose Me” by 11. It’s duo made up of James Lamb on vocals and Richard Craker multi-instrumentalist and producer, based in London. Personally, for me, this certain track has some vibes similar to the song “Crossfire” by Stephen. But it’s only in a good way because I like it very much. Very nice start I guess.


Galli (rock/indie/jazz, Norwich/UK)

Now time for the live instruments and beautiful harmonies. Galli with their song named “Sabika”.

Galli is an alternative rock/indie/jazz trio from Norwich formed by singer-songwriter Georgia King in 2018. Their music has some magical attractor: new arrangements and technically exciting parts. I already listened to it, like, 50 times, but still can hear some new details.

Their creativity, at least this track, reminds me Jeff Buckley — only in a good way.


Andrew Goldring (indie rock/psychedelic, Salt Lake City/USA)

And we still keep moving in the defined direction. Next in line in our little journey — Andrew Goldring.

Origin from Salt Lake City, US. His music is a mix of indie rock, psychedelic, and alternative. Calm music stream with shades of godfathers of psychedelic rock Pink Floyd brings a listener into the fairy world. Long story short — if you want to relax, then check this out.


Magz (techno/tech house, San Francisco/USA)

Caution: our music-ship changes course! Fasten your seat belts. Now we’re in the “Club Nebula”. And the first planet on our way is Magz. It’s an American techno/tech house music producer from San Francisco. His real name is Christopher Magalotti.

A little story. A few years ago, when I worked as a DJ in one club in my city, one my friend Ievgeniy Kozlov taught me, how to mix tracks and all other DJ stuff. So, when I hear good EDM, I always remembered him.


Hessian (electronic/deep house, Bristol/UK)

And the last for today — Hessian. This artist also lives in the “Club Nebula”.

Hessian is a Bristol based music producer covering the many obscure sub-genres of electronic music. But this specific track is an excellent example of jazzy deep house stuff. It starts from the almost ambient guitar melody and then smoothly transforms into the smooth and groovy deep house. Think it’s a perfect fit for a long midnight driving. I hope you’ll enjoy it as I do.


Today’s journey is over. But I have much more interesting music for you! So, if you like what you hear — stay tuned. See you next time 🙂

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