Shenna The Unresting

She has red hair, a sweet voice, and a killer smile. No, we’re not talking about “Victorious” days of Ariana Grande. Our victory of choice today is Shenna and her Coolest Pop Song of November 2018 called Magenta.

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Born To Be On The Stage

It seems that Shenna was lucky enough to know who she wants to be when she grows up. And her creative multi-cultural family was only helping her formation. “[With] my father being Arabic and my mom African-American, I have been exposed to the best of both worlds in my opinion. My father’s side is very musical and I grew up watching videos of famous Middle Eastern singers and copying their vocal techniques. My mom raised me on so many different types of styles which have influenced my creativity.”

Shenna by Curtis Bryant
photo: Curtis Bryant

So it’s no wonder her desire to perform set when she was just a kid.“I was raised in the same house as my older cousins growing up and would watch them rehearse for talent shows.” — she recalls. “I would even sneak into their shows and sing background for them around the age of 7 knowing I was too young to even be allowed entrance.”

It’s All About The Music

However, she never limited her musical seekings to performing only. From the time of her first childhood on-stage steps up to now, she managed to become a recording artist, a producer, a songwriter, an actress, a model, and a teacher. She’s a member of Sigma Alpha Iota — International Music Fraternity for Women, and a holder of Music Business Certificate from Berklee College of Music. And last but not least, she’s doing voice-over work, and her music was featured in shows produced by Oxygen, MTV, and Netflix. Seems like she’s one of the few, who can play “What Did David Bowie Do At Your Age” without feeling like a failure.

But it’s all about music for her after all. “I always put music first since it is my number one passion. I feel that modeling, acting, producing, etc. all tie in with the overall artist brand! When I hit the stage I become an actress giving a performance. When I model I am taking photos I can use for promotional purposes, and producing helps with the overall sound of my music.”

She’ll Make You Dance, She’ll Make You Cry

The beauty of her music is that you can’t quite define it. It’s ever-changing. Here you are, dancing your feet off on the summer beach to one of her songs, another track starts, and the next thing you know — you’re sitting on that same sand, thinking about your past love stories.

Her lyrics are more about sincerity than about complexity. She shares things you’ve probably been through at some point — and that what’s touching about her music. She can be your shoulder to cry on if you’re going through a crisis. Or she can bring that light melancholy we all feel sometimes reflecting about the stories that passed by, but kept our hearts pounding once.

Nothing Can Stop Her

Let’s face it: being a woman in the music industry is often a struggle. But Shenna keeps her spirit up and tries to stay philosophical on the subject. “It has honestly been challenging yet rewarding. I don’t want people to underestimate me because of my gender. I love when I can beat my obstacles and know that I accomplished something because of my hard work.”

Shenna by Mark Gorman
photo: Mark Gorman

And she keeps on working: touring, recording and releasing new videos. Once again there’s no secret way to succeed. Sounds like nothing can’t stop her. And, boy, do we hope nothing ever will.

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