Far Out: The Mysterious Breakbeat

It seems like you need to hire a professional investigator to find out who stands behind the Far Out band. The Odessa-based trio is more than shy on any kind of information about itself. On the other hand, Far Out are more than generous with the broken rhythms they deliver.

But one thing we know for sure: their bone-rattling track “Mass Hysteria” feat. Eugene Tymchyk is the Funkiest Dance Song of December 2018 on Louder.me.

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Breakbeat “With Balls”

That’s basically how they describe themselves. This Ukrainian band is a resident of Rune Recordings — the Ukrainian/American digital label. Rune Recordings work with modern break music, preferably with nuskool breaks, groovegressive breaks, liquid breaks, atmospheric & progressive breaks.

According to the label, their main idea and concept are “in the profound sound of breaks, immersing the human consciousness into a temporary relaxation with subsequent activation of the mood. That is the reason why the label makes its releases in pairs: one is light, pleasant in sound liquid, atmospheric & progressive breaks; the other is refreshing and more aggressive stuff — nuskool & groovegressive breaks.”

And you can trace this idea in Far Out’s tracks. An industrial anti-utopia takes turns with almost lyrical cosmic drama, an action thriller gives way to the nostalgic beats. Their tracks can have different moods but they all make an equal impact.

There Is More To It Than the Beats

The thing about Far Out is they don’t sacrifice the message of the track for the sake of its sound. Let’s face it: it’s easy to dig yourself in the technical details and forget all about the semantic charge. But not this time. Their winning track “Mass Hysteria” is a colorful example of a truly wholesome piece of work.

“Mass hysteria became the defining model of a technocratic society. We chase imaginary goals, consume indiscriminately, follow mass culture, but … ‘we die alone, together we live’. With these words, we want to pay attention to the mindfulness and value of life.” — says the band. And the music, that weighs heavily on you during this track, only complements and elaborates its meaning.

Look At Them Going Far

Though the band is still young — their debut EP was released in March 2017 — it has already gathered a lot of support from Crystal Method, Burufunk, Mechanical Pressure, Paul Oakenfold’s team, and more. And it’s no wonder: through their releases, you can see technical and conceptual growth and it seems like it’s not about to stop. Far Out are powerful and progressive, and they’re ready to work like dogs. Even their own description of the first track of their mix “Star 0.0.1” sounds like a life scenario of their band.

“This is the first track and it symbolizes the first step — to the dream, the sacred goal, the new beginning. It starts carefully and steadily, but with a bit of uneasiness, it leads you slowly to that line, where there’s no turning back. And just when you’re absolutely relaxed this track collapses on you with all its strength and energy, which leaves you no choice: you need to keep on listening, as well as you need to keep on going after the first step. The unknown power drags you deeper, pulsating with heavy beats and immersive groove. The question remains: what’s next? But it’s just the beginning. To be continued…”

Again they leave us engaged and intrigued. And again they won’t say anything in particular. And again maybe the best thing to do is to stop guessing who they are and what’s on their mind. And just listen to their music.

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