Worthless Agony Is Worth Your While

We dedicate this article to all of you who still haven’t participated in our Tournament. If you’re still waiting for a special moment to come, for your first LP to be released, or for your video to get its first billion of views — just drop it and take part. Consider this a sign.

Take a cue from the winners of The Heaviest Metal Song of December 2018. Ottawan band Worthless Agony has only three released tracks and a little more than six hundred followers on Facebook. Luckily in Louder.me world all that counts is an uploaded song and a will to win. That’s in case you needed a proof that we’re all about democracy here.

Worthless Agony band
photo: provided by Worthless Agony

From Canada With Riffs

The fact that Worthless Agony takes its roots in Ottawa is not just a bare part of their biography. In some way, it’s a description of their music as well considering the uniqueness of the Canadian heavy music.

But what makes the Canadian metal scene so special? First and foremost — its authenticity and eclecticism. It started forming in the 80s’ and its growth was happening separately from the main epicenters of this genre, such as Los-Angeles or New York. It doesn’t mean, that Canadians weren’t affected by the changes in the world’s heavy scene or were ignorant of them. Whether it was New Wave of British Heavy Metal, glam metal or prog trash — Canadians adopted these influences but reshaped them in their own way. Not to mention the multinational nature of this country that clearly put its stamp on the local music.

This mixture of cultures, experiences, and impacts eventually brought to this world such giants as Anvil, Annihilator, Voivod, Exciter, and others. And now Worthless Agony is carrying on their tradition and doing so with a great deal of passion. They describe themselves as “a new metal band that takes many elements of sub-genres in metal and put it in something aggressive, violent and powerful.” And, boy, do they deliver.

Aggression Is My Profession

In “Release The Beast” they let us know there will be no mercy for anybody who would dare to cross their path: Vengeance is the righteous way / Take my land I will burn your kind / If your intentions are bad / Mine are unspeakable.

And in “Rage” they are encouraging us to let off all that fury we have inside. And while some will argue about the impact aggressive music can have on its listeners, doesn’t the example above sound like a helpful psychological exercise? Depending on what and who are you releasing your fury on, though.

Currently, the band is still working on its first EP “Death Before Dishonor”, teasing their listeners with three singles. For now, their music combines traditions of classic metal and offbeat challenging riffs. But who knows what will they come up with at a later stage. For all, we know this Worthless Agony is totally worth your while.

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