The Hiraeth: Teenage Angst And Full-Grown Irony

As long as teenage angst will exist, the metalcore will thrive. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t try to undermine any genre here. But let’s be real: if you are or ever were into metalcore you’ve probably got into it in high school. Much as the winners of the “Says It Ain’t Heavy Metal” TournamentThe Hiraeth.


Distinguish Yourself

The Hiraeth is an old Welsh word, which means “nostalgy with no turning back.” This Kyiv-based metalcore/alternative metal band is still pretty new — it was formed in 2016 with the help of social media. Though the connection between its drummer Vitaliy Kapranov and rhythm guitar player Yaroslav Nebozhak goes way back. More specifically to the times of music school. Oh, and playing in some organization which turned out to be a cult.

Early on the band tried to find a balance between metalcore and alternative nu-metal for the instrumental parts of their tracks. Kind of Architects meets Deftones. At the same time, Bohdan Nedashkivskiy, the lead singer of The Hiraeth, was fond of noughties emocore, such as Emery and Silverstein, and tried to implement the bits and pieces of this genre to the band’s work.

The Hiraeth by Tementiy Pronov
photo: Tementiy Pronov

Now the band’s goal is to make music with eloquent sound, expressivity, and tunefulness all combined. But most importantly — to find their own distinctive sound. And they are ready to work and experiment as much as needed for that.

“The metalcore scene is pretty huge,” — they say, “and there are a lot of similar bands playing the same thing. And there is a big risk you’ll end up being one of them. But that’s not what we want. We want people to recognize The Hiraeth with the first chord. We still got this youthful exuberance, we want to turn the world upside down. We want to become the new Code Orange. We want Corey Taylor to come up to us and be like — ‘Damn, that’s cool! And you’re from Ukraine!’”

The Irony And The Agony

At this point, it’s safe to say that these guys are pretty ironic about themselves. Which is pretty unusual for a young band, and, may we say, deserves some kind of appreciation. For example, they once have been asked on an interview “So what’s that like — to play outdated music?” They laughed and then responded with all seriousness: “It’s kind of tiring when you think you’re playing up-to-date things, and then suddenly you open your eyes and realize: you’re not fourteen anymore. And pretty much everyone else isn’t either.”

The Hiraeth by Slippy Inc
photo: by Slippy Inc

But it’s not all about fun and jokes with The Hiraeth. However young their audience can be, that doesn’t mean their content shouldn’t be deep. Like their single Puppet which explores the problem of a toxic relationship. As the band describes it itself: “It’s about a relationship in which one of the partners is a puppet to another. And the moment comes when you have to make a choice: your freedom or being a slave to the one you love.”

Get Things Going

Now the band has two singles and debut EP released, a nomination for The Best Ukrainian Metal Act 2018, and a Tournament victory. A pretty much clear perception of the metal scene and rampant ambitions. Not bad for a start. Just keep that neat irony of yours, and you’re all set.

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