What’s fresh: 5 New Artists of April

Hey-hey! How are you guys doing? It was Easter weekend, but I haven’t keep calm until sharing the best new music with you. Fewer words, more creativities. Let’s get into it!

De Kraken Me And The King

[electronic/deep house, Rotterdam/Netherlands]

This musician is one of the most powerful openings of April for me. As his bio says: “Willem a. k. a. ‘De Kraken’ started in the ’90s as a little boy with a stereo. Always busy with knobs and freaking frequencies.” I think, his childhood was not wasted, and now he has transformed into a reliable artist who can create amazing music.



[experimental electronic/house, Sweden]

Tbh, I don’t even know, what can I say about this one. Strong production, interesting arrangement, and original vocals. I hear some influence of Die Antwoord in this music. In any case, I recommend you to check this out.


Reyn Hartley

[hip-hop/cloud rap, New York/United States]

Since I like good hip-hop and rap stuff, I dig this artist! It’s not the first time for me, I’ve listened to his music a little bit earlier, and I can be sure that he will blow-up someday. A few more words about track “Italy”, from his words: “Declaring his love for Moschino while flowing through 3 languages in a relentless growl that is his signature tone, Reyn Hartley sends a warning straight from Italy.”



[alternative rock/electronic/indie, Tashkent/Uzbekistan]

These guys just demolished me without any understatement! Uzbekistan and rock music… hmm, what is common between these words? Yeah, I thought similarly, before finding them. They’re just a bomb. Click Play and enjoy!


Sounds of Occupation

[alternative rock/indie rock/post-rock, Czech Republic]

This band is from South Moravia. They were formed in 2014 by Paul O’Connor from Ireland, Martin Bystricky and Lukas Robek. I’m listening to a lot of music every day and can say that their stuff includes a lot of styles I prefer. Something from Radiohead, Sofa Surfers, and even Russian Circles. This song has a little dark mood, but it doesn’t matter especially for me, cause it’s delicious!

That’s all for today. If you like some stuff from this digest, share it with your friends or buy music. See you next time!

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