Review: Young Thug — “JEFFERY”

Before I start this review, just want to say — this might be one of my favorite trap projects of 2016. The Atlanta rapper, Young Thug, brings catchy lyrics, smooth melodies, and strange flows to the table on this work.

Young Thug has always reached my expectations, for as long as I’ve listened to him. His vibe is so different and special, and his work really makes him stand out. Anyways, this album is packed with bangers, such as songs like “Floyd Mayweather” and “Harambe”.


The “Floyd Mayweather” is filled with obscure lines and slimey production. The features on this track only add to the awesomeness of it. Travis Scott brings solid adlibs and great vocals, and Gunna proves what he’s good at. Gunna’s unique voice, along with Thugger’s are a great combination. Gucci Mane also brings the heat on this song, with his drill-like vocals.

On the “Harambe”, Young Thug brings a vicious, aggressive flow. It sounds as if he is in pain when he spits his bars.

My personal favorite track from this album — “Wyclef Jean”. I’m quite a fan of the artist Wyclef Jean, and it’s cool that he has a song dedicated to him. This piece is incredibly catchy, and it never becomes boring or old to me. In all, I love this album. It’s energetic, smooth, and outgoing.

I believe what Thugger brought to this tape was a complete success. His talks of sex, drugs, guns, violence, and fame all are things Young Thug has rapped and discussed his recent projects such as Barter 6. In all, I always look forward to more Thugger, but this is definitely, in my opinion, his best work of art.

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