Song review: Dinosaur Beard — “Dialect Drum”

There are a lot of cafes & restaurants these days that sound like law firms, Smith & Daughters or Colonial era trading companies. Then there is Dinosaur Beard. Not a cafe, although it would damning rule as the name for one.

Dinosaur Beard, musician, entity, and pseudonym for Melbourne based Indie/folk/psych/legend, Adam Finnegan. Dinosaur Beard is not a tale of the times, unlike the aforementioned cafes. Not one bit.

Aaron Dobos by eeltooth
photo: by eeltooth

His new single — “Dialect Drum” — is partly out of fashion, and all the better for it. This song is everything I love about Melbourne Music, and yeah, it sends a salute to slightly old ways in those harmonies, and so it should. It creeps on you, like a stalker that means you no harm? It’s nostalgic for something that never was. An imagined memory which is what all memories are destined to become.

You see, I’m fucked if I can tell you much about Dinosaur Beard but I know well the stylings of Adam Finnegan. I know him to be the force behind many different projects, past and present. He has often been the deciding factor, in keeping on track and/or taking 5 for a smoke. Adam and I took longer than 5, more like 10 years. We had a high school band together — he on drums and I singing up front. For many different reasons, our move to Melbourne saw our band collapse and our friendship disappear.

Why do I mention this? Because I know Adam but I just met Dinosaur Beard. Evolution is scary and most stop evolving when the pressures of modern day society start to sink their teeth into the dream you are chasing. Dinosaur Beard is Adams answer to that problem. His evolution is in “Dialect Drum”, which in my opinion, has his DNA all over it.

The drummer sings? No. The Musician plays drums. Adam was a drummer, but Dinosaur Beard is a musician, songwriter & producer.

This guy has plenty more tunes in the bag, I’m sure of it. I look forward to them.

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