The Healing Sound of TwiceToasted

It’s pretty common for artists to have passions beyond the music. But it’s not that common for this passion to be medical science. It’s also not that common for a song called “Shawarma” to win the Best Hip-Hop Serenade 4 Valentine’s Day. But the musician-physician Tanaka Mupinga a.k.a.TwiceToasted is up to any of these challenges.

TwiceToasted by Abbey Cap
photo: Abbey Cap

Drum Up Support

Current singer/songwriter, guitarist, producer, engineer, and photographer started his creative path with poetry back in high school. And if it wasn’t for the support from others, that’s where it could end like any teenage hobby. First, Tanaka’s teacher found out that he can play the guitar and gave him a nudge to start creating original songs. And though soon-to-be TwiceToasted was too scared to even consider singing, his friend convinced him to join a choir. Eventually, Tanaka became a member of Kent State’s premier acapella group.

TwiceToasted by Born & Raised Music Studios
photo: Born & Raised Music Studios

Now he’s creating thoroughly produced melodic hip-hop filled with refined metaphors and resonant poetic tricks such as alliterations. Still, he speaks pretty shyly about his tracks, saying at the best that “most of them are pretty deep songs with even deeper meanings. Hopefully whenever I play these songs, something I say sticks in someone’s mind enough to kind of change their day.”

Hit The Right Note

His urge to help others as a doctor revealed itself even earlier. A native of Zimbabwe he took a trip to his homeland with his mother when he was six. He suddenly started feeling sick, but that looked just like the case of acclimatization. So nobody made a big deal of it, except for one random doctor. Tanaka was born under a lucky star because that physician insisted on checking on the kid to eventually find out that he had Malaria.

“He knew I was very sick, and he told my mom to bring me in free of charge to get checked,” said Tanaka. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that guy, so my kind of reason for becoming a doctor is, you know, I want to be that guy for someone else.”

The next proof test of his intentions of being a doctor emerged when he was 22. He was already studying Human Biology at Kent State University when an unexpected visit to the ER revealed that he has a Type 1 diabetes. But instead of sinking into despair Tanaka had strengthened his resolve to pursue a career in healthcare. After graduating with his Master’s in May of 2018, he proceeded with his studies in Kent State’s School of Podiatric Medicine class of 2022.

Now Tanaka is planning on becoming an endocrinologist and continue to support people living with diabetes. He has his medical project called TwiceToasted Treats — nootropic CBD edibles, formulated for diabetics and available without insurance or a prescription. And with his music, he hopes to inspire people to embrace their lives and focus on creativity no matter what. “I hope my music and my life will be an inspiration,” — he says. “A prescription formulated to help you assimilate awesomeness.”

Blow Your Own Trumpet

Remember we said Tanaka is up to any challenge? Well, he most certainly is. With his intensive medical studies, creative and scientific projects, he decided, that it’s not enough. “What’s more exclusive than Juilliard, more valuable than Berkeley, more rewarding than ‘The Voice’, ‘American Idol’ or even ‘America’s Got Talent’?” — he asks us. “It’s the Lillehammer Institute of Music Production & Industries (LIMPI) located in Norway and I have never been more excited to announce that I got accepted as 1 of the 48 students for the 2019-2020 school year!”. There is no stopping him apparently.

Another year, another accomplishment. And we in are happy to provide to this list of your achievements with our Tournaments. You just keep on winning.

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