Julia Sicone’s Relatable Indie

Julia Sicone is often compared to Lorde and Halsey. But the roots of her melancholic guitar and cattish vocal can be traced back to the late noughties — the spring of the millennial indie. Like the best specimen of this genre, she’s relatable, sincere, and always ready to make you a little bit sad. And you will thank her for that.

Julia Sicone by Alessandro Dazzi
photo: Alessandro Dazzi

The Music Won’t Write Itself

Every article about Julia Sicone always starts with the fact that she’d recorded her first EP at the age of 16. And though it’s still remarkable, today we won’t be talking about a young prodigy. We will be talking about a gifted artist, the author of the Top Pop Song of February 2019 and the winner of this Louder.me Tournament instead.

That EP didn’t just happen out of the blue like a miracle. She started learning to play guitar when she was 10 — and at the age of 14, she’s already been posting her first videos on YouTube! She worked hard, invested her time and effort in singing and songwriting courses, and got into Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. All that lead up to the release of “Something Unreal”. This EP appeared thanks to her bravery and determination. So is this “young prodigy” title even a thing?

Have Your Say

It is common for artists to create their music in English regardless of their origin to gain international recognition. But Julia — a native of Florianópolis, Brazil — decided to go her own way and her second record went with Portuguese album “DIZ”. That was a wise choice. Still singing in both Portuguese and English she had accumulated a fanbase in the USA as well as in her homeland.

Julia Sicone by Alessandro Dazzi
photo: Alessandro Dazzi

Which is small wonder — it’s all about the music after all. As a proof, the same year Sicone released “DIZ”, she won International Songwriter Competition, People’s Voice Award and the Best Solo Artist of Santa Catarina prize.

Love Is Love

It’s all about the music and the feelings it translates. And the feelings of love are the most universal and relatable ones. But when it comes to queer culture a simple love song can become a political act. As an open lesbian Julia does almost educating job. And more than that, she does that working on the patriarchal Brazilian musical scene.

With her touching songs about the relationship between women, she tries to explain to the intolerable and bigoted world, that all love is worthy and all love is love. Weird, complex, uneven, and beautiful. Her music is about embracing yourself, staying true to yourself and going your way no matter what. And whoever feels lost, unappreciated, and misunderstood, her music is here to say: you are not alone.

Just You Wait

Julia has already released a new single and holds her fans awaiting the new EP. But whatever her next project would be like, one thing we know for sure. It will be sincere, relatable and it will make us S.A.D.

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