Ghosts: Art Before the Personality

Have you ever seen a ghost? In case you haven’t, we’ve spotted a couple of them back in our Top Electronic Song of February Tournament. That’s when the deep house crew GHOSTS grabbed the victory and left us feeling quite intrigued.

provided by Ghosts
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Best Kept Secret

This outfit lives a very mysterious life. For all we know, it’s an Austrian band, that specializes in house remixes and original pieces. And that’s pretty much it. Who’s the mastermind behind it? How many members are there? Or even what city are they based in? It’s all a murky secret. But let’s agree: this Banksy-esque concept is pretty hot and tempting to follow.

Because of their anonymity GHOSTS are sometimes compared to Zhu. This Chinese-American house musician remained anonymous during the beginning of his career. His goal was to be judged not by his appearance or behavior, but by his music alone. He was also motivated by the need to keep his ethnicity away from any prejudices, which sadly still exist in our intolerable society.

Whether it’s a way to keep yourself safe or a hype-creating method, the tendency to remain faceless affects the modern music industry. As All Things Go magazine once stated “It hasn’t cleaned up the festivals after they’re finished, provided clean water to drink for free at events, or anything too extremely charitable for that matter, but it has made the art come before the personality, and that driving principle deserves a slow, soft golf-clap.”

GHOSTS are creating music for the sake of music, which makes their work almost benevolent. Especially considering that their releases are always free to download. “The most exciting thing about music is that it brings people together” — they say. “It’s like an international language for everybody to understand. And that’s what we love so much about it.”

The Haunting Serenity

So how does this language sound like for GHOSTS? First of all, it has a dreamy drifting-you-away aesthetic. And, of course, a predictably haunting vibe. Still, it is deep, but it’s never dark. Even the songs about the “time of despair” feel like elegant and light summertime sadness more than true grief. They are not a cry for help. But they can be calming and refreshing.

With the use of emotional pianos, brisk guitar chords, and on-the-nose drop they are bound to leave you feeling better than before. To quote one of the comments to their song on YouTube — “This is a song to dance in your bedroom when it’s completely dark and your whole family is sleeping”.

In Their Way

GHOSTS are mostly known for their wide range of remixes made for different artists. This variety includes the likes of Pharrell and Nelly Furtado as well as the Viennese electro duo Palastic. But whether it’s a pop anthem or an indie-song, their takes on these tracks always have a distinctive unmistakable sound. The one that makes you hit the replay button over and over again.

Still, the band decided to move beyond remixes and started to create original works commencing from their debut single “Haunted”. It was not an easy start and who knows what could be the end of it if it wasn’t for the atmospheric vocals by Josh Roa. GHOSTS recall that they have “been going back and forth with this track and it wasn’t until Josh laid his vocals over it, that we realized what was missing. The release of this song is our proudest moment so far.”

Mystify Me

They never told us who they are, but still managed to make us fall for them. And that fact questions a lot of modern show-biz standards. At the end of the day, it’s the music that gives you all the feels. And for the artist, it’s the only thing that matters.

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