Inner Outlines by Holstein Studios

Inner Outlines: Nothing Is Impossible

We all want to listen to music we can relate to. And while it’s all about the songs, it’s much more relatable to hear the story of your life coming from a basement-playing artist than from a major-labeled musician with a bunch of platinum albums. Inner Outlines get you because

MacReady by Jerry Herrera main

MacReady: Romantic Utopia or Moral Collapse of Society?

Johnny C. and Justin S. are the two members of the American synthwave band MacReady. They create music that reflects a duality of world views. On the one hand, their music has “reverb-soaked” tracks about the utopia of “the joy of holding your best girl’s hand in the rain” and

covers (artwork faeton music)

What’s fresh: 5 New Artists of June

Hey, folks! Are you still don’t know what to listen to this month? Well, it’s not a big deal, because Faeton Music is here with a digest of the most exciting artists in June 2019. Let’s go thru this together!   Hendrix Harris [hip-hop/neo-soul, Paris/France] First one — and the Festival Valencia

It’s Time to Grow! Conquers Europe

Genre: rock/metal Place: Valencia, Spain   Let’s start on the Road to Valencia! If you’re familiar with our project, then you already know that in we’re all about giving chances. But what we love the most is taking our philosophy and love of music beyond our app and onto

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