It’s Time to Grow! Conquers Europe Festival Valencia

Genre: rock/metal
Place: Valencia, Spain

Let’s start on the Road to Valencia!

If you’re familiar with our project, then you already know that in we’re all about giving chances. But what we love the most is taking our philosophy and love of music beyond our app and onto the real stage.

We’ve already participated in a bunch of big Ukrainian festivals, and finally, we’ve decided to step up. That’s why we created our very own festival of independent music with a chance to win a € 3,000 prize — Festival. And we’ve brought this party to the Sala Rock City in a Spanish city of Valencia.

Sala Rock City
photo: Sala Rock City

The Bold and Aspiring

There’s no party without a company. And we picked up a good one. We asked listeners to choose three artists to compete in front of a live and offline audience.

“Addicted pop-punk guy”Chris Blackburger

Chris Blackburger by Irene Bernad
photo: Irene Bernad

He is a singer-songwriter from Heidelberg, Germany, he’s 26, and he’s already got two recorded albums and an EP coming up. As a genuine pop-punk fan Chris draws inspiration from Sum 41, Green Day, and Blink 182.
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“Not just a band, but a family”El Rojo

El Rojo by Irene Bernad
photo: Irene Bernad

This stoner rock band from Morano Calabro, Italy is a true brotherhood going way back. El Rojo calls their passionate and powerful stoner-doom music a blend of “respective attitudes, experiences, and hearts”.
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“Loud’n’Proud”Happy Freuds

Happy Freuds by Raul Solves Pla
photo: Raul Solves Pla

This classic 70’s style rock quartet from Javea, Spain keeps it real. Mixing their original work with their view on less-known classics, they aim to confront “the standard bar-venue business model of playing”. Whichever genre you’re working in, you’re an artist, not a bar entertainment. They are dynamic and loud, and always ready to go — just give them a stage.
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No Sweet Without Sweat

We are always eager to uncover unique local bands, that’s why we searched for our lineup through all Europe. But since is a true democracy, to choose these three artists we held a special Tournament.

To participate in it all you had to do is to upload your song to With a random drawing, these 64 tracks then were paired up. In a good old playoff-style — 1/16, 1/8 and to the final — every day different pairs of tracks competed with each other. And every day, the audience chose the best track from every pair.

We conducted this Tournament in two rounds and after a thick fight Chris Blackburger, Happy Freuds, and El Rojo were ready to pack their bags to Valencia.

But the main competition was ahead to rattle their nerves. After their performances, the audience voted to decide who’s good enough to get the main prize. We broadcasted a live stream of the event on our site and via social media, so our watchers could take part in our festival remotely and also vote online. But the main judges were people in our live audience, who could vote directly on the venue (and get a free drink for that, btw). Though the pressure was real, our competitors still managed to blow the stage up and have some fun.

Let’s give proper respect to the bands because they truly went out of their way to be there. They dared to take part, and they raised an army of their fans to vote for them. And not only they gave this competition a lot of effort. They gave their time and money to make it to Valencia, and we couldn’t appreciate it more.

But it was all worth it to get this unique experience. An ability to meet other artists and share your pains and gains — that’s what music community is for and we are happy to help it grow.


Who Kept the Party Going

Though the competition was the main point of interest in our festival, we planned much more for that night. This whole festival wouldn’t be possible without Valencia’s Berklee College of Music. So its very own band Treason This had the honor to kick off the party and warm everybody up. Another supporting band — Between Two Oceans — consisting of employees came all the way from Ukraine to show what metalcore is really about.

Between Two Oceans by Irene Bernad
photo: Irene Bernad

But the ultimate present for the audience and contestants, the most awaited gig of the night was a performance by Swedish maniacs Dead By April, who came to present their upcoming album. This “uncompromising quintet” with Michael Jackson influences, or the “Swedish metal Backstreet Boys” as they are often called, gave people what they wanted: a crazy mix of pop-metal, orchestral rock, melodic death metal, and emocore. A perfect way to end the night.

Dead By April by Irene Bernad
photo: Irene Bernad

We All Came Here to Win

However great that night was, the main intrigue remained: who’ll be the winner of the Festival. And with 15 total points, El Rojo outfooted their competitors and grabbed a decisive victory. But we couldn’t let the other bands leave empty-handed. Happy Freuds, 8 points, second place, got a certificate for making a lyric video and Chris Blackburger, 7 points, third place, won mastering for his record. High five to all the contestants, you all totally deserve this.

The artists weren’t the ones to win stuff that night. For the audience, we constructed a very special quiz with a chance to win a powerful Bluetooth speaker.

But the main point is, apart from the prizes, that was truly a night to remember. So, in a good tradition of an afterschool special, we feel that everybody left home being a winner that night.


The Ones that Made It Happen

Every great event requires even a greater deal of help. And this whole thing happened, thanks to Berklee College of Music and its students.

Its campus in Valencia — the first international one and the first one outside of Boston — is a place designed specifically for music and aims to provide a hub to launch the careers across the globe for the most musically talented international students. Berklee is more than a college, it’s the world’s singular learning lab for the music of today and a perfect environment for aspiring artists. Let’s all agree: we couldn’t find better support for the tournament of the off-radar musicians.

Berklee Valencia Campus, Flickr
photo: Berklee Valencia Campus, Flickr

The students and administration of Berklee College of Music in Valencia were a huge help. In exchange for a great experience and free entrances to the festival, Berklee music trainees volunteered to arrange the party in the best way possible. For our part, we provided a lot of fun and official reviews of the work done, which later could be used for their resumes.

We also offered free entrance to Spanish artists to encourage them to upload their music to Every artist that has sent us his song was an assured owner of a free ticket. Also, an opportunity to visit Sala Rock City for free that night was given to people who live in Valencia and make music or attend Berklee College. Yes, generosity is our second name.


We Have Plenty More Surprises for You

In case you were wondering, can you participate the next time, the answer is — YES. You can and you should. And we will never get tired of saying this. We work every day for you to get a chance to show yourself off and we do the darndest to make it as easy as possible for you.

We can go on and on about this, but you better see for yourself. We saved this stream for you to check out what the night it was.

So, sharpen your tracks, tune your instruments, and get ready to conquer the world with We’ve got chances for you — just take them. Stay tuned for more inspiration, the next Tournaments, and your next big victory.

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