What’s fresh: 5 New Artists of June

Hey, folks! Are you still don’t know what to listen to this month? Well, it’s not a big deal, because Faeton Music is here with a digest of the most exciting artists in June 2019. Let’s go thru this together!

Hendrix Harris

[hip-hop/neo-soul, Paris/France]

First one — and the freshest in this list — is Hendrix Harris. I can’t tell you interesting facts from his life and any stories of how he became a musician. Just because I can’t find that kind of information anywhere. But here is one, and the most valuable for you — now you know that this artist exists and you can listen to it.



[ambient/downtempo, Giessen/Germany]

People that read my blog already know — I’m in love with good ambient stuff. So, here I am, with classy ambient music for your ears. As the author describes: “green is the sound of robots experiencing nature”. Actually, I can imagine that without any problems. Just try to close your eyes and relax.



[indie/electronic, Cologne/Germany]

This music producer from Cologne — one of my most significant music openings last month. I am incredibly thankful to the universe for this music. His tracks are in my daily playlist and will be for a long time since this moment. Tbh, I don’t like to describe the music with typed text. So, I strongly recommend you check this out right now.


Hēran Soun

[experimental/downtempo, Oakland/United States]

Just fantastic music with an incredible voice and perfect arrangement behind it. It sounds so interesting and attractive that my attention entirely sticks to it during its playing. I really like to listen to stuff like this and search for some small details there. It’s a pure kind of pleasure. I think even your mom would love this music.



[post-punk/psychedelic rock, Stockholm/Sweden]

Last but not least — FARIDA. Dirty drums, overdriven bluesy guitars, psychedelic synths, monotonous bassline, weird but very strong vocals. All these pieces, mixed in one composition, takes the listener to another dimension. There’s dark and no colors. I think this is a perfect track to finalize today’s list.

And a few more words, as a postscript. Remember that even in the modern internet era, when you can download an artist’s full discography for free in one click, music is still some kind of magic. I’m trying to encourage you to support artists that you like. It’s a few bucks for you, but it means a lot to the musician, and they will be able to make more good stuff for you. Enjoy the music and your life. Peace!

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