What’s fresh: 5 New Artists of July

Hey, hey! Did you guys miss me? If you are here to discover some fresh music, then you’re in the right place! Today in my digest, I will represent to you 5 more exciting artists from different countries. In any case, I hope that my regular summary here at least interesting to you. Let’s move in!


[pop/deep house, New Delhi/India]

The first one for today — SIX ILLICIT with the track called “Mine”. As you can see from the tags, this is something in between pop music and deep house with vocals. Here is nothing to type overall. It’s just a piece high-quality pop music.


i shiver

[acoustic/folk, Germany]

Since I play the guitar myself, I have some unique feelings to the guitar music, and it doesn’t matter, hard or light music it is. But when I hear something so amazing like this song, my heart just starting to beat faster. This is sadness, calm, and pleasure magically mixed in one composition!



[neo-soul/pop, Berlin/Germany]

I always try to watch and follow current tendencies in the musical world. But sometimes, I just physically can’t catch all the fresh styles. One of those — neo-soul. Here is an exciting ambassador of this kind of music. What can I say? Beautiful voice, pleasant melody, and composition in general.


Haruhisa Tanaka

[ambient / dark ambient, Tokyo / Japan]

How can I make digest without a good piece of ambient music? Right, I can’t. In my opinion, ambient — is the music of feelings. If you listening to it, you don’t need to look for a certain melody or harmony. You just need to relax and try to feel the flow of the music, and how it’s embracing you. I listen to a bunch of different music, but always come back to good old ambient, to clear my mind and get some rest.


Russian Baths

[shoegaze/noise rock, Brooklyn / United States]

Well, this is the last artist for today’s digest, and this band will bring some noise into your head! These guys always make me happy with their music. In this song, you can find a lot of genres merged into one. There’s shoegaze, post-punk, post-rock, noise rock feat female vocal. Everything working together perfectly. They’ve definitely stolen my heart!


I hope that you enjoyed the music today and will back soon, to get one more piece! Remember one thing — even if you’re just a music fan and not creating music yourselves, you should love the music in the right way. Support musicians and they will give good vibes back. Enjoy a nice summer! Regards, Faeton

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