The Candid Heart Of Jordan

There are many ways to go into heavy music. You can be a tech-nerd, a flamboyant freak, or a disagreeing rebel. Or you can place a bet solely on the power of music and your smashing energy and go with it.

It seems that Heart Of Jordan chose the latter. And that’s why this powerful, candid band stands out on the modern overprocessed scene.

Heart Of Jordan by Scott V Photography
photo: Scott V Photography

A Family From Lansing

Heart Of Jordan looks like a showcase independent heavy band. Its seed funding consisted of an old tablet they used to write their first tracks on sitting in a shabby attic in Lansing, MI. Nevertheless, having modest means, but also a certain musical experience. Preston Mailand on vocals, Eric TenEyck on guitar, Elijah White on guitar, Daniel Ray Fell Jr. on bass and Andrew Everett on drums managed to create a killer album in just a year. And it’s a true testament to what thorough communication can bring to any band.

All five members truly do have a great bond.“We have all grown tighter as a band.” — Elija says. “We are brothers in music, and that extends into everyone’s family.” In other words, you can find the most professional and gifted musicians to play with. But what’s the point, if you can’t be around them all day every day?

Heart In The Right Place

Heart Of Jordan doesn’t deny that its main influence has always been Metallica. Though this influence remains subtle, creating merely a frame that fills with the band’s unvarnished nature.

Their lyrics are simpleminded and clearly based on personal experiences. As a result, they are even more sincere and relatable. No wonder their debut album Heart Of Jordan had immediately gained a great response.

During all ten tracks, this self-titled release gives no slack, shooting one banger after another. There are no fillers or ballads to catch your breath. This is a record that will leave you begging for mercy in the middle of the pit if you’ll decide to pick it live.

And that was Heart Of Jordan’s initial plan. “We set out to make something that stood out sonically from today’s cookie-cutter trend in our genre. We wanted to capture the rawness and emotion of our music and lyrical content to create a timeless work that would resonate with people around the world.”

A Beginner’s Guide To Self-Promotion

As a self-promoting indie-band Heart Of Jordan had experienced the current state of streaming-controlled music industry firsthand. “The rise of music streaming has made it next to impossible for serious artists to make a living from their craft and passion.” — they emphasize. “On the flip side of that coin, it has become easier than ever to gain an international fan base because of it. From an artists income standpoint, something needs to change, and fast.”

Nevertheless, they set an example of how to manage the marketing side of music without assistance. They have highly active social media accounts, and their debut album is currently streaming in 65 countries. So when they exclaim “Our new album is everywhere!” they kinda mean it. “Social media has allowed us to gain an international fan base in a short period. We have fans from the other side of the world asking when we will tour their countries. Facebook and Instagram are very powerful tools if you know how to use them correctly.”

Their own experience is a great lesson to all the aspiring artists around the world. If you want to make it in the music industry, you need to be a musician, but also your own manager, producer, accountant, and PR-specialist.

“We have a deep passion and drive for what we do and the music we create” — they explain. “We also have an understanding and respect for the business side of this band. There is a fine balance between the two that makes it all come together. We grind every day looking for new fans, constantly spreading the word and discovering connections to introduce our music and our band to the world.”

What can we say? The winners of the April Fools Tournament are no fools. And they surely can teach us a thing or two.

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