What’s fresh: 5 New Artists of August

Hi there! Summer’s end is here. Somebody may be sad about it, somebody not. But I’m here not to talk about summer, but about fresh music that will never end, while you’re staying tuned with me. This time I’ve tried to collect some music, which probably will tune you to the autumn mood. Let’s dive into it right now and say goodbye summer in the right way!


Jon Cocker — Meggy

[acoustic/alternative, Norwich/United Kingdom]

This musician from the United Kingdom has definitely deserved your attention. Especially if you want to spend some little time for your summertime sadness. His voice sounds so alive. As a contrast for modern autotunes addiction, these waves going through the ears right into my heart.


Henry Green — Stay Here (Rohne Remix)

[electronica/downtempo, Bristol/United Kingdom]

After the previous, this one will continue moving you into the deep of autumn. Henry Green’s “Stay Here” reworked by Rohne, freely becoming into my bloodstream, merging with my own feelings and makes me calm. Electronic downtempo music with light shades of uk-garage and beautiful vocal — the best choice for the end of the summer.


blondmoss — Ultra Silence

[lo-fi rock/indie, Melbourne/Australia]

With some jazzy and experimental harmonies, blondmoss bursts into our today’s digest of the sad music. From the very first sound, this track takes my thoughts and bring them somewhere far away from this dusty reality. And just leaves me in outer space with its magical vibes. It sounds like gravity can’t affect you anymore, and you able to move in any place only by your willing.


Hrím — Come Lay Low

[electronic/folk, Iceland]

If you’re still feeling the summer sun, then I brought a little bit of the Icelandic cold air, to cool you finally. This track was one of the most exciting openings of the last few months for me. I can imagine like I am flying above the endless ice spaces on the speed of the wind, and this track sounds in my head.


Rapt — Lighthouse

[slowcore/dark folk, Brighton/United Kingdom]

After all, here is the final song for today. Jacob Ware — the name hidden under the Rapt. Slow, sad, dark, calm, atmospheric, and a bunch of other adjectives I can relate with this track. If you still in summer after this song, then I have no idea, what can bring you into the autumn? Personally, totally ready for the season change after all of this music.


Well, want you or not, you should agree — this is the end of the summer. I will be happy to see you all here this autumn, winter and then spring, summer, and autumn again. Listen to quality music and stay tuned. Cheers!

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