Synthwave Profile: Absolute Valentine and His Inspirations Sources

Let’s keep on discovering new names of the Synthwave scene.
Today it’ll be a conversation with an electronic musician from Marseille — Absolute Valentine. He began to practice electronic music at the age of 16 and explored a ton of style. Learn more about how it was below.

Here you’ll find out French modern music touch à la Kavinsky and Gesaffelstein.

Karl Magi: How Did You First Get Interested in Creating Music?

Absolute Valentine: I remember that moment as a child in the ’80s. Someone had asked me if I would like to practice an instrument. I naturally chose the piano and studied classical music for eight years. A little bit later, I taught myself to play bass and guitar.

After playing in some bands, I fell in love with synthesizers. I was around 16 years old when I began to build my first home studio. It was crazy, I wanted to discover all the available synths and studio equipment. I still remember my first synth, it was a Roland SH 101.

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KM: What Are the Ideas and Thematic Elements that Attracted You to Creating Synthwave?

AV: I really enjoy the fact that you can produce what you want. Slow or upbeat tracks, darker or more disco style tracks. You either produce vocal or instrumental tracks. On the other side, I have always liked B-movies, zombies, ’80’s cinema and graphics and synthwave is 100% influenced by all of this. I have never decided which style I’ll produce, but it seems that my fanbase is mostly listening to synthwave music.


KM: Who Has Inspired You As an Artist?

AV: When I began to produce music, I was influenced by synth-based artists like John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream, and Jean Michel Jarre, but at the end of the ’90s the French Touch appeared, and I was totally charmed by bands like Daft Punk, Air, Cassius and later in the 2000’s Kavinsky, Sebastian and Justice.

All that being said, I always listen to new artists. Right now I love Rezz, Sierra, Nero, Prequell and many more.

KM: Tell Me About How You Create New Tracks?

AV: I never create tracks in the same way, to be honest. For sure, I love to find an excellent melodic theme, to begin with. But I also like to start with sound design or atmosphere. Sometimes I put on a movie scene without any sound and try to adapt the music to the image. You can also check my playlist to know more about it.


KM: Let’s Talk about “Omega”. What Was the Idea Behind the Album and How Did You go About Producing It?

AV: “Omega” is the “Police Heartbreaker” sequel. It was clear since the beginning that I wanted to create an atmosphere of revenge on it. Before I made the music, I first wrote a scenario for this album. I created another sound as I didn’t want to reproduce my previous record. It was quite hard as I also wanted to be more aggressive but didn’t want to sound too dark. My challenge was to mix synthwave and other electronic music styles.


KM: Where Do You Want to Take Your Musical Career Going Forward?

AV: Right now, I would love to produce more albums, singles, and EPs. I would also like to do a European tour, especially with some of the bands that I love.

KM: Give Me Your Thoughts on the State of the Global Synthwave Scene?

AV: The global synthwave scene becomes more and more popular. That’s a good thing. I can feel that most of the headliners are changing their style, which will surely help them to touch more new fans. I also think that synthwave is going to begin to cross over with other genres.


KM: What Do You Do to Re-ignite Your Creative Fires?

AV: To re-ignite the creative skills I travel a lot, I watch movies or new series. I also visit strange museums. Sometimes I change my workflow, but the most important thing is that I see my friends.

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