Promises By Lost Zone: A Showcase EP

This South Tyrol trio will stop at nothing. Living far from the show business epicenters and big concert venues is not an issue for Lost Zone, as well as huge competition on the alt-rock scene. Florian, Simon, and Elias just do their thing rigorously, carefully, and passionately.

They combine alternative rock with the elements of metalcore and pop. While nowadays you can hardly call this mixture groundbreaking, the modern successors of Linkin Park still form a powerful scene. Lost Zone does have a resemblance to the likes of Linkin Park and Bring Me The Horizon, so we can imagine its members grew up on these bands’ music. If anything, they use these genres as a canvas on which they can enrich their style, execution, and personal experiences.

Lost Zone by Armin Huber
photo: Armin Huber

The young formation — all the members are early twenty-somethings — emerged in 2013 and have been a trio ever since. Florian Mahlknecht — vocals, guitar, Simon Mair — drums, and Elias Oberschmied — guitar are the ones composing, writing lyrics, creating arrangements, and producing. At first, they tried to bring a bass player to the band, but “the longer we searched, the less we missed one,” Elias recalls. Now Lost Zone feels perfectly comfortable with this line-up, with the help of session musicians during live shows.

It’s no wonder that the musicians got to the bottom of the sound recording craft and eventually set up their own studio. Finally being able to work independently, they’ve created their first 23-minute EP.

Promises is a wholesome and reconciled record. At first glance, it consists of common-for-this-scene tracks filled with explosive riffs and hard beats with an interlude in the form of a power ballad. Every chord of this release fits perfectly in its place as if telling you that it’s not as simple as it looks. That gets Promises far beyond typical teenage anthems.

They manage to create a deep and powerful sound, one you can imagine listening to in a stadium in a few years, and there is a person to give credit to for that. Though the whole record was recorded and mixed by the band itself, the mastering of the EP is the work of multi-Grammy-winning engineer Ted Jensen of Nashville’s “Sterling Sound”.

This particular collaboration is a huge boost for Lost Zone. “Ted Jensen, as a technician himself, works for the international rock elite!” , — they say glowingly. “It was a huge honor for us that he even decided to master our EP because ‘Sterling Sound’ and their technicians reserve the right to decide who they work for and who they don’t. Considering that the entire audio production was done by us and not professionals, that’s a great compliment!”

Lost Zone’s appeal lies in the fact that the band is not trying to reinvent the wheel. These guys are not going to buy you with a bunch of complex effects and hard to follow lyrics. They create clear, well-worked, and absorbing music that you want to follow. That’s what makes people like them, and vote for them in Metal Tournament on

With all that said, you can use Promises as an example of a solid debut record. A pretty good start on one hand and a bar set high on others, but it seems that Lost Zone can handle it.

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