What’s fresh: 5 New Artists of September

Hey-hey! How it’s going? I am pretty sure that everything is great! Since I am incredibly busy at this period — my band is recording new material, I barely found the time to collect some fresh stuff for you. For sure, I can show you more than five tracks, but this is a chosen format. So listen to all of it carefully!

Van Leeuwen x Jimmy wit an H — Blowin Steam

[hip-hop/rap, Pennsylvania/United States]

The first track for today is a song called “Blowin Steam” by hip-hop producer Van Leeuwen from the US. Excellent new-school beat with three MCs over it. Three different but solid flows make this track really interesting to listen to. Check out this one!


The Feather — Closer

[indie pop/electronic, Liège/Belgium]

Contrasting with the previous track, this one sounds pretty soft and calm. A beautiful voice, memorable melody, and proper arrangement without excess details make this track easy to listen to and enjoy. As for me, it’s a perfect fit to get some rest after a workday.


Of Norway — Dim Your Eyes

[minimal/electronic, Oslo/Norway]

We’re slowly moving from soft to hard. And this track has a little bit more tension, which is okay for this kind of music. I mean, minimal electronic. Basically, everything built around the beat and bassline. I think there are no accents on any parts. Loops they just coming in and out adding some different shades to the music.


Nancy’s Dead — Out of Time

[grunge/alternative rock, Stockholm/Sweden]

As I said before — from soft to hard. Here is the proof. If you want to stay on a mood of previous tracks, then you can skip this one and next one. Distorted guitars, angry vocals, and dirty mix — that’s a short description of this song. Composition keeping my attention from the very beginning to the end.



[black metal/death metal, Copenhagen/Denmark]

Here we are. The last one for today and the heaviest. If the previous song was too hard for you, then not even try to listen to this one. There’s a mix of black and death metal in the best traditions. Blasting beats, growls, screams, and brutal riffs. I love it!

So, my mission here is complete for now. Maybe it was a little bit too extreme for some of you. But I am here to make your lives a little bit spicier and saturated with “tools” I have, even if it’s only a piece of music. See you!

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