What’s fresh: 5 New Artists of October

Hi there! What’s up? Faeton Music Blog digest is here again! So, the second autumn month has already gone, I’ve selected some fresh music for you guys. If you feel that you need to get some new vibes in your playlist — grab those tasty tracks.

Conner Simmons — Lure

[ambient/classical, Texas/United States]

This sound has no drums, but it has its own rhythm and pulse. Strings create a soft pillow for this fantastic voice. You can close your eyes and draw your own scene for this music. Let me know when you finish, and we’ll move forward.


Tiny Dolphin — Calm For Color

[alternative/indie rock, Austin/United States]

Our next stop is “Tiny Dolphin” with his “Calm For Color”. It’s much more groovy than the previous one, but it’s only if we’re comparing. Actually, this song is also pretty soft and calm. It reminds me of past summer for some reason.


Emerson Leif — Wake Up With You

[indie-pop/electronic, Brisbane/Australia]

Here is the most “pop” track in this digest. But don’t be preconceived, check it out now, and you probably change your mind about the “pop” level of this song. I am metalhead myself, but I like to listen to high-quality pop music sometimes.


Local Authority — Call

[post-punk/shoegaze, Brisbane/Australia]

We’re slowly going under. This track is a bit noisier and opposite to the previous. Post-punk taste and some pleasant atmosphere are merged here. Simple, maybe even primitive, drum part, unadorned guitar, and bass riffs feat smooth vocal were mixed up into this beautiful song.


Phase Patterns — Phase One

[instrumental/post-rock, Glasgow/United Kingdom]

Here is our final stop. This one will bring us into the vibe of the monotonous music loop. It’s a damn Hypnose! A composition built around one-note, but not boring at all. It’s even enjoyable to stare at how the musicians able to create multiple moods using a few notes.

Sometimes I can afford to lose myself in the waves of music. And time stands steel while I’m there. But every time I should back into the real-life, where people are always hurrying somewhere and second hand of the clock relentless running forward. Like all of us.

Well, we’re done here. Keep in touch, and I will back with fresh stuff soon!

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