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Long time no see, but it’s been very chaotic in the world recently. Everyone just trying to hold everything together, so do we, and we hope so do you. Maybe, our new music could help you with all this anxiety and troubles. And we got new future headliners over here!

Sick Solution

[hardcore punk, Vinnytsa/Ukraine]

The first one will crush you with all its might, it’s heavy and brooding, and if your ears are not used to something that hard hitting move to the next song. But for fans of bone-splitting breakdowns and heart-wrenching vocals in vain of bands like Hatebreed or Madball, this is their tune. And don’t stand too close to someone listening to this:


Auggie Velarde

[hip-hop, Miami/United States]

Mysterious and trippy, one of our all-time favorite artists here, winner of a huge Summer League Finale, extremely talented Auggie Velarde. He has so much stuff released on, it could easily help you through the whole quarantine by listening to Auggie alone. Hop on the hype train before it’s too late:



[funk/electronic, Oslo/Norway]

Last but not least, hailing from the cold shore of Norway, sending his positive vibes our boy Wataboi! He likes his music how he likes his vlogs: uplifting, joyful, and with a lot of surfin’. Hope ocean is not on a lockdown and Wataboi is out there getting some inspiration for the new songs! Perfect soundtrack for the upcoming summer:

These three are the most promising acts we uncovered back in the February, when life was much easier than now, but everything will get back to normal soon. But meanwhile we’re here to bring you some new music, till the next time!

Stay safe and don’t forget: Support Your Local Artists 💯

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