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At the beginning of this spring we had a couple of tournaments that saw the rise of some prominent music acts all fronted by girls, while this comes to us like nothing special at all, we still think it’s a nice opportunity to talk about some of the best women of Louder.me

Mary Green

[pop, Milano/Italy]

Name may be a deceptive one, because this is actually a duo from Italy. Music of Mary Green combines many influences and ranges from cabaret and chanson to acoustic pop and R&B, this diversity led them to a victory in Future Is Female tournament. But the winning streak hasn’t ended right there for Mary Green, and next month they’ve opened the night for online-conference Music Never Stops and you can watch their intimate performance right now:


[indie rock, Olympia/United States]

WINEHOUSE is a different beast, a group of boys fronted by a feisty blonde who holds the lights on herself and grabs all the attention. The sound is eclectic as well, and you can even hear some hints of jazz, everything flows really smoothly accompanied by sweet lyrics that deal with our everyday struggle of finding someone special. Olympia-base quintet hasn’t won any tournaments yet, but their music can be discovered on numerous Playlists we have, especially this number:

Savannah Low

[singer-songwriter, Dallas/United States]

The old-timer, one of the first artists we had, Savannah creates a real quality content, with slick music and video production. Her music is a true power pop overflowing with hit energy, just waiting to get big, and mark our words she’ll get big and very soon. Also, Savannah Low has amazing social presence and a very likeable personality, these two components are crucial for every star nowadays. Just look at her in this music video:

It’s not like we don’t have more talented women in the databases, in fact there are too many of them, and we hope to make it a recurring thing here in our Blog. But these three got us on our heels at the very first spin. See you next time, we have some amazing things coming your way!

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