Battle of the Nations

Since all our summer plans got canceled this year we’ve decided to entertain you all with a new series of Tournaments. Don’t call it Summer League, we never repeat ourselves! So throughout next three months we will conduct sixteen cross-genre tournaments is sixteen different countries. We cherish the fact that our music streaming platform have artists from all around the world, so we’ve chosen countries that have the most listeners: Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, France, Russia, Italy, Germany, South Africa, India, Australia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Canada, United Kingdom, and United States. Here’s the schedule:


Grand Final will see four winners from each of the tournaments compete for Bundle of Goods and Services: promotion opportunities, mixing and mastering of their upcoming release, lyric video creation, and exclusive interview and album review. And that will include beforehand access to our newest features, not to mention handful of precious dB for them to spend!

If you see your country in this list, and there’s still time: upload your newest songs, generate big ratings in the Arcade, or even contact us directly via email:

Good luck in the competition, and stay tuned for more news!

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