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If you’re an avid user you’ve definitely heard of Auggie Velarde! He’s truly on of the biggest star here, he kept winning and winning in Tournaments, until he won big in Summer League last year. Auggie is known for a very diverse sound ranging from pop, R&B, to hip-hop, and witch house. We were extremely happy to talk to the man himself in this very exciting and informative interview with the enigmatic singer and producer!

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1. Hi, Auggie! First of all I’d like to say that we all here at have been watching your music career go big for a year now, and we’re really happy for you and how everything is turning up. When you started music did you have some sort of plan, a goal, or aspirations?

Hello! Thanks so much for the kind words. This is still just the start of this journey and I’m glad to have you all with me here. Many years ago, when I was child, my love for music evolved to a desire to create. Back then there was no plan, but the goal was to learn how these pleasant sounds we call music are created and arranged. Learning it still part of the plan (it will always be haha), but ever since I started making music more professionally I’ve had big dreams to innovate and make meaningful contributions to music.

2. Tell us about the first song you wrote, not some demo, but a complete song that you really enjoyed and was proud what you’ve accomplished?

Well I’ve had a lot of “first songs” since I’ve had multiple music and production projects (with other aliases) in my experience. But the first song I can say I was very proud of was also the first song I put out as Auggie Velarde – titled “Visions 0_0”. In fact, the track was very different from what I used to make and that creative freedom inspired me enough be reborn as Auggie Velarde. I used to care a bit too much about what others might think of me based solely from my art (specially people I knew personally), but one day I had this epiphany (or “Vision” haha) that life is too short to care so much about those kind of things.

3. Do you have an established creative process, some kind of a routine, or you produce tracks spontaneously and out of the blue?

I feel the most comfortable following a Step-By-Step method to everything I do. So take things one at a time, I feel the most involved in a project when I can dive deep and not have to worry about anything else or get overwhelmed by having to multitask. When I’m in “music-making mode” for the day, then I engulf myself with my gear and let the creativity guide the way. Then, once I’m done with that, I’ll start organizing and arranging things more concretely.

4. Themes of your songs seem to be very intimate and tongue-in-cheek at the same time, where do you find an inspiration for your art and can you call it a mirror to your soul?

From literally everything. Sometimes I’m not even sure myself where some of my ideas come from, my brain just processes everything I have ever heard or seen and generates its own thought (I guess that is how the creative side of my brain works haha). One of my main inspirations is definitely my personal experience, but I don’t limit my music to just what I’ve been through. What I make does reflect what I have in my mind and my thoughts/opinions on things (even if sometimes they are not meant to be taken seriously). I’d say instead of a mirror to my soul, it is more of a front-facing selfie camera to my soul and my soul can use filters and play with them if it feels like it.

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5. Nine months ago you won Summer League at and brought home whooping $3,000! Have you used this money to boost your career, produce new releases, bought new recording equipment, or did you just spent on yourself compensating all the time you’ve put into your music?

That was such a special moment! One of the highlights of my 2019 year! Thanks so much for the chance to even be in the tournament! I have been creating myself a more polished home studio and have been using the prize to help me get gear from my wishlist. Also, been using this as an opportunity to release more music!

6. As far as we can see you’ve released a ton of songs, but no albums. Is this your artistic choice, or just a state of the streaming industry that values singles more than bigger releases, or maybe Auggie’s debut full-length album is in the works right now?

A debut full-length album will come in time. Honestly, the reason why all my releases so far are singles is a mix of everything that was mentioned. I enjoy the flexibility as an artist to be able to create and release each track I think is ready. Also, it’s a good idea to have lots of on-demand content available everywhere so this speeds up the process. But I do value albums and creating a cohesive project that encapsulates who I am as an artist at that moment; this is something I am working on and will be releasing eventually. So expect many albums in the future, but also a lot more singles haha!

7. Your sound is pretty diverse, while a lot of names come to mind you can’t pinpoint the exact source of your influence. Can you name musicians that inspired you and in terms of music production whose works do you respect?

Yeah this would probably be such a long and ever-growing list since I am always getting influenced and discover styles (old and new) that make an impact on me. I’ll name some of the artists that have inspired me growing up and which have in turn influenced my production and sonic palette. These are (in no particular order) Daft Punk, Kid Cudi, Gorillaz, The Strokes, Kings of Leon, Timbaland, The Beatles, Kanye West, The Bloody Beetroots, Drake, Eminem, and honestly so many more.

8. Can you call a great place for musicians, does it provide a much needed feedback and attention to artists like you? What should be improved?

Yes! Ten times yes. I think is such a unique and powerful platform for upcoming artists. Honest feedback is fundamental for the growth of a musician and provides a community like no other where new fans get to preview and decide if they like your creation. Not only that but the platform provides opportunities for artists by hosting tournaments and letting fans from all across support their favorite acts. There is nothing like this that I know of and I just want to see the platform grow, you guys are phenomenal! Thank you for what you all do.

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9. What the future holds for Auggie? When will you become the next Drake?

The future is something I have always been obsessed with. It’s that wonder that you never really know what will happen that makes it so exciting. But at the same time there are ways to shape it and let it fit your dreams. Who you are today will shape who you will be tomorrow, right? I working on the future to hold a lot of new music, many experiments, and positive vibes. It’s funny to think of me as the next Drake haha. Maybe in the future someone might ask an upcoming artist if they will be the next Auggie. 🙂

So it appears that Auggie Velarde not only a great musician, but also a very intriguing interlocutor. You can find his and many other songs in the Arcade, and if you’re feeling like you can become the next Auggie try and upload your newest songs to!

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