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It’s hard to find a better soundtrack for surfing than Wataboi music. This Norwegian guy has definitely turned over the poles, conquering the waves of the Pacific Ocean in Indonesia and Australia. His music is chill-sounding which perfectly composes on a sunshine day. 🏄‍♂️

Louder.me users know Wataboi as the winner of two Tournaments in 2020. On the eve of the release of his new single “Wake Up”, we were very happy to speak to the man himself in this very entertaining interview with the funky vibes producer!

1. Hello, Wataboi! Let’s start with your name, clearly it’s a “what a boy!” shortened into one word, but maybe there’s some deeper meaning to it?

Hey guys! Its actually just a weird way of saying Water Boy, hence my love for the ocean and surfing, I guess a kind of got inspired by how the people of Indonesia say “Wata”. 🙂

2. Your music has that recognisable chill vibe, are you a chill person in life, or you’re trying to express that unknown side of your personality through your art?

I think i come off as pretty chill, but as most “chill” people out here, there’s usually  alot on my mind, I guess making music is a necessity for me to kind of let go and get into some kind of flow, and creating laidback beats usually gives me a sense of peace and inner stillness.

3. As far as we can see surfing the waves and spending time by the ocean is a pretty big deal for you, does your surfboard means to you as much as your pads and drum machine?

Its the same thing for me, music and surfing goes so well together for me and they both help me to escape the daily stresses and live a bit more in the moment. 

Whenever im having a bad day, maybe im not feeling too creative locked down in my studio, I’ll go catch a wave and it can give me new inspiration. 🏄‍♂️

4. Wataboi released music regularly, but there’s still no proper full length album, is it in the works right now, or singles are enough in this digital era?

For now I’m just working on singles, I dont feel like albums are a necessity in these times, but maybe in the future. 🙂

5. You’ve been at Louder.me over a year now, won a couple of Tournaments, and gained some following, what did you gain out of it, what can be improved here?

To be honest I’m not quite sure, I’m so stoked on winning the Tournaments and that people enjoy my music, the tracks that won the Tournaments was also promoted on Youtube Audio Library and got really good traction because of that, which I am super stoked for. 🤩

6. Songs that you produce tend to express some kind of unity with the nature, are you in need of this connection to our nature, do you feel that humanity maybe lost it with the industrialisation?

I’ve had that feeling all the time growing up, seeing how we are messing up the oceans with plastic, polluting the air and killing forests really messed with me big time, it’s a tragedy beyond words and it doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. And it really gave me a sense of disconnect with the way society is run, but also gave me appreciation for what we have right now, because we might not be able to experience the Earth and all of its beauty in a few hundred years.  

7. It seems that you love DJ-ing, do you often play clubs, have you missed it during the lockdowns?

I just started playing this really fun club just before the lockdown, me and my friends were really killing the shows right before they had to close down and sadly we couldn’t continue. I was also gonna DJ for my friend at this festival in Norway in May but it got cancelled, its a shame but we’ve had a lot of time to create our own little parties and spinning the turntables with good friends.

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8. There are as many ways of creating music as there are artists, what’s your process of producing something, maybe there’s a lifehack other producers can use?

My process is usually very different every time, sometimes I have an entire track in mind and I can just go right at it from the start, other times it’s a bit more grinding and halting process to get an idea going. Sometimes I just sit for hours trying to make a cool bassline or a nice melody, which usually gives me inspiration for something.

Less is more, try to make the beat sound good with as few elements as possible, sounds weird but its very hard to limit yourself but I promise it will make a difference to your sound.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. I still struggle with this, but try and go into the production with an open mind and not judging it too much, you’ll be amazed at what can happen when you let go to the process.

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9. Name three albums that brighten your days during this ongoing pandemic and what it seems like the end of the world we know.

So it appears that Wataboi not only a great producer, but also a super-chill and open-minded personality. Check out his brand new single called “Wake Up” released worldwide the last Friday on August the 14th »

You can find his and many other songs in the Arcade, and if you’re feeling like you can become the next Wataboi try and upload your newest songs to Louder.me!

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