NOiSiNESS: Never Give Up What You Like

We here at often talk about newcomers to the music industry. But often a person needs decades to understand what he really wants. In this interview we will talk to our friend, who makes music for almost 23 years.

1. Hi, guys! First of all, congrats on the upcoming album! We here at have already listened to Weightlessness, Pt. II and it sounds amazing! Then we will hear the whole release?

Thanks, we already have got a date — the very first day of spring, March 1, 2021.

2. Introduce yourself to your upcoming fans, please. Who is behind NOiSiNESS on a day? By the way, is there any story about the band name?

There are two of us now behind the name NOiSiNESS — Vasyl Kryshnevskyi (me) and Filippo Cresci. I have been related to music since ny childhood, Filippo made his first steps on the path of a musician in 1998.
In late 90’s I was introduced to the music of Sonic Youth and really liked the elements of the noise in their songs. Therefore, when we were wondering how to call our band, the word NOiSiNESS came to my mind.

3. Not so many times we can hear the successful collaboration between musicians from different countries. Were there any difficulties in Ukrainian and Italian persons working together? Does cultural difference mean a lot for music creation?

I consider myself a very sociable person, so although I do not speak Italian very well, Filippo and I immediately established contact.
For that time I was already making music for 21 years and have accumulated a lot of demos. And when I met Filippo in my kitchen, I played like 5 of them for him and he was much into them. So everything started spinning from this moment. As for the cultural difference, our views coincided – there is a huge craving for what we love, for music.

4. Kind of an offtop question: how was a life in Italy in 2020?

2020 was a terrible year for Italy. Country has suffered greatly. After all, this is a country of tourism. But for us, me and Filippo, for the band, this year presented a surprise, I met on the Internet with the sound engineer Mark Urselli, a three-time Grammy winner. After that our life was divided into before and after.

5. How did you record an album while pandemic of COVID-19?

After 3 years of existence as a band the moment has come. And yes, it was just before the pandemics. We have already accumulated enough material — even enough for three albums.
Yes, COVID-19 has changed our lifes a lot. Indeed, in the 21st century having the necessary tools at home, you can deal with any trouble.
So I was already looking for someone who can take all of our materials and put them together in a one solid piece and I even found, but then the universe intervened.
As I said before, fate itself brought us together with Marc Urselli, this man worked with U2, Foo Fighters, Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Sting, Keith Richards, Kesha, Jeff Beck, Les Paul, Buddy Guy, Luther Vandross, Borns, The Black Crowes, Joss Stone, Mike Patton, John Zorn, and many many others. After communicating on Skype, we sent all the accumulated material to New York. Something like that, if simple.

6. Your sound is like a huge mix of rock and metal subgenres. Can you name a few musicians that have influenced you the most?

Personally, I like to somehow combine indie with stoner, I just like to play fusion chords on the bass. If you dig deeper — in my 45 years I have listened to so much music, passed it through myself, like through a sieve, grabbing what I love most. I would name Sonic Youth, Auktyon, Rage Against the Machine and some krautrock bands. Also, SINOPTIK is my homeland favorites. Filippo referes most to Radiohead, Massive Attack, U2 and Pink Floyd.

7. Make a one-sentence recommendation for the youngs who are willing to start to create music, please.

Never give up what you like. Go to the end. Believe in yourself. And sooner or later you will meet someone who will turn your world upside down!

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