About Us

Our Story

People who make music want to be heard, they want their music to reach other people’s hearts. However, their vibrancy gets swallowed by the abyss of informational noise. Being artists ourselves, we decided to create a service for unsigned and aspiring musicians to find their audience organically – by directly showing their work to people.

After thoroughly conducted market research and gazillions of interviews to better understand what the end user needs, we created Louder.me, our precious brainchild aimed to change the path music travels from its author to listener.

We offer a chance for unsigned artists to get heard. We make them louder.

Our Project

First and foremost, our project is a new way to discover music. As a user, you don’t need to spend a lot of time looking for new music – in only 30 seconds, you can not only form your opinion about the artist, but also boost their career by moving them up the chart. Forget about any cruel rules of show business, all that matters with Louder.me is pure talent.

Win-Win for Artists and Listeners

Louder.me is easy to use for both artists and music fans. Artists go through a 3-step process: fill out the profile, upload a track to the website, choose the best and the most representative part. After this, they can just sit back and watch the number of plays grow along with their fanbase.

The process is even easier for simple users. Get the app, listen to a track legally and free of charge, then either skip it, or «Like» it! A «Like» will push the song further towards the top of the chart and help the artist become successful even outside the Louder.me universe. With Louder.me, everyone wins!

Join the Community

Louder.me welcomes everyone who is eager to find new music, discover new talent, and spread beautiful new tunes all around the world. Become an ambassador of good taste, join the community of Louder.me.

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