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The Healing Sound of TwiceToasted

It’s pretty common for artists to have passions beyond the music. But it’s not that common for this passion to be medical science. It’s also not that common for a song called “Shawarma” to win the Best Hip-Hop Serenade 4 Valentine’s Day. But the musician-physician Tanaka Mupinga a.k.a.TwiceToasted is up

What’s fresh: 5 New Artists of April

What’s fresh: 5 New Artists of April

Hey-hey! How are you guys doing? It was Easter weekend, but I haven’t keep calm until sharing the best new music with you. Fewer words, more creativities. Let’s get into it! De Kraken Me And The King [electronic/deep house, Rotterdam/Netherlands] This musician is one of the most powerful openings of

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The BalGuns: Shooting Power Of Balkan Music

Balkan music is unique in many ways. It’s easily recognizable, inextricably linked to its roots, and it manages to remain popular beyond the ever-emerging trends. But what defines it more than own state of origin or the sound of specific instruments? It’s the unmistakable vibe of revelry, devil-may-careness, and, at

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