Synthwave Profile: Absolute Valentine and His Inspirations Sources

Synthwave Profile: Absolute Valentine and His Inspirations Sources

Let’s keep on discovering new names of the Synthwave scene. Today it’ll be a conversation with an electronic musician from Marseille — Absolute Valentine. He began to practice electronic music at the age of 16 and explored a ton of style. Learn more about how it was below. Here you’ll

Natalie Rose Lebrecht Mandarava Rose cover

Review: Natalie Rose LeBrecht — “Mandarava Rose”

Natalie Rose Lebrecht is one of my absolute favorites. Her music has always been all over the place with her first album “Daymares and Nightdreams” playing around with lo-fi piano rants full of distress. “Warraw” — touching upon freak-folk incantations. “Imagining Weather” — pushing the freak-folk into more desolate areas,

All You Want to Know About Synthwave Part 2

All You Want to Know About Synthwave: Part 2

We continue talking with independent Synthwave musicians about essential elements of this genre. Here we talk about times and feelings. What is the difference between the present and, so-called, future-in-the-past? And it’s not about grammar. Find out an answer and a bit more in the second part of the big

Cover The Great Wave of Kanagawa

All You Want to Know About Synthwave: Part 1

Synthwave has become one of the fastest-growing genres of non-mainstream electronic music in recent years. I’ve been fascinated and delighted to watch the growth of the #synthfam community on Twitter as I’ve interviewed synthwave artists. I invited people from the #synthfam to respond to questions of what people are enjoying

MacReady by Jerry Herrera main

MacReady: Romantic Utopia or Moral Collapse of Society?

Johnny C. and Justin S. are the two members of the American synthwave band MacReady. They create music that reflects a duality of world views. On the one hand, their music has “reverb-soaked” tracks about the utopia of “the joy of holding your best girl’s hand in the rain” and

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