Natalie Rose Lebrecht Mandarava Rose cover

Review: Natalie Rose LeBrecht — “Mandarava Rose”

Natalie Rose Lebrecht is one of my absolute favorites. Her music has always been all over the place with her first album “Daymares and Nightdreams” playing around with lo-fi piano rants full of distress. “Warraw” — touching upon freak-folk incantations. “Imagining Weather” — pushing the freak-folk into more desolate areas,

ASHEN RIID cover by xxvnii

Review: ASHEN RIID — “Hell’s Frequencies”

This is a debut release on the Macrofonie record label by an Italian musician ASHEN RIID. Previously the artist has released hip hop singles with black metal/horrorcore aesthetics under the pseudonym Yung Belial. This record lands into power electronics in the vein of Whitehouse. I admire genre-hopping artists, so I

Dinosaur Beard Dialect Drum cover

Song review: Dinosaur Beard — “Dialect Drum”

There are a lot of cafes & restaurants these days that sound like law firms, Smith & Daughters or Colonial era trading companies. Then there is Dinosaur Beard. Not a cafe, although it would damning rule as the name for one. Dinosaur Beard, musician, entity, and pseudonym for Melbourne based

Review: White Denim — “Side Effects”

Review: White Denim — “Side Effects”

Since White Denim’s fantastic and criminally underappreciated 2018 release “Performance” I’ve considered myself a pretty massive fan of the band’s music, even if I was late to the party. These guys have an invigorating blend of swirling, electrifying Psychedelia experimentation and accessible, chorus-heavy Classic Rock revival jams that I haven’t

Review: Periphery — “Periphery IV: Hail Stan”

Review: Periphery — “Periphery IV: Hail Stan”

Periphery is comprised of some of the most technically unprecedented and talented musicians in the entirety of all modern Metal music. Their guitarist Mark Holcomb isn’t far behind John Petrucci in my book “Who is my go-to answer for the best guitarist of all time” with his gorgeous riffing that

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