ExZac Change and Matisse are Here to Make You Feel Good

ExZac Change and Matisse are Here to Make You Feel Good

We all have our struggles and the need to share them once in a while. Musicians are no different. Some of them try to create awareness about environmental problems or mental health. Some of them sing of broken hearts. Some of them are ready to lead a revolution with every

Cover The Great Wave of Kanagawa

All You Want to Know About Synthwave: Part 1

Synthwave has become one of the fastest-growing genres of non-mainstream electronic music in recent years. I’ve been fascinated and delighted to watch the growth of the #synthfam community on Twitter as I’ve interviewed synthwave artists. I invited people from the #synthfam to respond to questions of what people are enjoying

Review: Thom Yorke — “Anima”

Review: Thom Yorke — “Anima”

This release here was brewing for years. Similarly to A Moon Shaped Pool, Thom Yorke’s third album finally puts down long-anticipated tracks onto a proper release. The essence of the album is similar to what Thom has been doing for ages: pushing his own brand of EDM inspired by Warp

Inner Outlines by Holstein Studios

Inner Outlines: Nothing Is Impossible

We all want to listen to music we can relate to. And while it’s all about the songs, it’s much more relatable to hear the story of your life coming from a basement-playing artist than from a major-labeled musician with a bunch of platinum albums. Inner Outlines get you because

MacReady by Jerry Herrera main

MacReady: Romantic Utopia or Moral Collapse of Society?

Johnny C. and Justin S. are the two members of the American synthwave band MacReady. They create music that reflects a duality of world views. On the one hand, their music has “reverb-soaked” tracks about the utopia of “the joy of holding your best girl’s hand in the rain” and

covers (artwork faeton music)

What’s fresh: 5 New Artists of June

Hey, folks! Are you still don’t know what to listen to this month? Well, it’s not a big deal, because Faeton Music is here with a digest of the most exciting artists in June 2019. Let’s go thru this together!   Hendrix Harris [hip-hop/neo-soul, Paris/France] First one — and the

Louder.me Festival Valencia

It’s Time to Grow! Louder.me Conquers Europe

Genre: rock/metal Place: Valencia, Spain   Let’s start on the Road to Valencia! If you’re familiar with our project, then you already know that in Louder.me we’re all about giving chances. But what we love the most is taking our philosophy and love of music beyond our app and onto

Ghosts: Art Before the Personality

Ghosts: Art Before the Personality

Have you ever seen a ghost? In case you haven’t, we’ve spotted a couple of them back in our Top Electronic Song of February Tournament. That’s when the deep house crew GHOSTS grabbed the victory and left us feeling quite intrigued. photo: Facebook   Best Kept Secret This outfit lives

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