Louder.me Festival Valencia

It’s Time to Grow! Louder.me Conquers Europe

Genre: rock/metal Place: Valencia, Spain   Let’s start on the Road to Valencia! If you’re familiar with our project, then you already know that in Louder.me we’re all about giving chances. But what we love the most is taking our philosophy and love of music beyond our app and onto

Ghosts: Art Before the Personality

Ghosts: Art Before the Personality

Have you ever seen a ghost? In case you haven’t, we’ve spotted a couple of them back in our Top Electronic Song of February Tournament. That’s when the deep house crew GHOSTS grabbed the victory and left us feeling quite intrigued. photo: Facebook   Best Kept Secret This outfit lives

ASHEN RIID cover by xxvnii

Review: ASHEN RIID — “Hell’s Frequencies”

This is a debut release on the Macrofonie record label by an Italian musician ASHEN RIID. Previously the artist has released hip hop singles with black metal/horrorcore aesthetics under the pseudonym Yung Belial. This record lands into power electronics in the vein of Whitehouse. I admire genre-hopping artists, so I

TwiceToasted cover

The Healing Sound of TwiceToasted

It’s pretty common for artists to have passions beyond the music. But it’s not that common for this passion to be medical science. It’s also not that common for a song called “Shawarma” to win the Best Hip-Hop Serenade 4 Valentine’s Day. But the musician-physician Tanaka Mupinga a.k.a.TwiceToasted is up

Dinosaur Beard Dialect Drum cover

Song review: Dinosaur Beard — “Dialect Drum”

There are a lot of cafes & restaurants these days that sound like law firms, Smith & Daughters or Colonial era trading companies. Then there is Dinosaur Beard. Not a cafe, although it would damning rule as the name for one. Dinosaur Beard, musician, entity, and pseudonym for Melbourne based

DC Motion cover

DC Motion: Pure creativity in mixing genres

DC Motion — Dion Coursen — is a Canadian synthwave producer. He has a unique take on the genre that mixes elements of pure synthwave with his other musical influences such as punk/proto-emo, indie rock from the 2000’s and New Wave music along with carefully constructed lyrics. I talked to

Whalesong - Gateway cover

Review: Whalesong — “Gateway”

There are times when I stumble onto recordings that contain certain elements borrowed from my favorite musicians, all packaged in a cohesive whole. The latest EP from a Polish industrial metal band Whalesong is an example of just that. The first side of the EP starts off with huge chunks

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