Dinosaur Beard Dialect Drum cover

Song review: Dinosaur Beard — “Dialect Drum”

There are a lot of cafes & restaurants these days that sound like law firms, Smith & Daughters or Colonial era trading companies. Then there is Dinosaur Beard. Not a cafe, although it would damning rule as the name for one. Dinosaur Beard, musician, entity, and pseudonym for Melbourne based

DC Motion cover

DC Motion: Pure creativity in mixing genres

DC Motion — Dion Coursen — is a Canadian synthwave producer. He has a unique take on the genre that mixes elements of pure synthwave with his other musical influences such as punk/proto-emo, indie rock from the 2000’s and New Wave music along with carefully constructed lyrics. I talked to

Review: White Denim — “Side Effects”

Review: White Denim — “Side Effects”

Since White Denim’s fantastic and criminally underappreciated 2018 release “Performance” I’ve considered myself a pretty massive fan of the band’s music, even if I was late to the party. These guys have an invigorating blend of swirling, electrifying Psychedelia experimentation and accessible, chorus-heavy Classic Rock revival jams that I haven’t

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