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We at Louder.me always welcome writers to share their experience or insights into the music industry. Thanks to this independent musicians can make a living doing what they love.

Articles must cover a topic that will help aspiring artists move forward in their careers. Also, it must be actionable, unique, and original.

Moreover, you can submit your posts right now and start benefiting from them instantly.

Your Benefits

— You can get some bonuses for each article: we will pay $5.00 for a quality text and other tips for its performance. You will receive another $5.00 for the first 1,000 unique page views.

Caution: we only count organic views without paid traffic.

So, if your post is exciting and you spend a bit more time to promote it, you will receive more money.

— You will get full credit for your articles. Personal author page will be available to all readers with links to your social profiles.

— We’re okay with some self-promotion, especially if you’re an aspiring artist.

Quality Guidelines

— You can use any of the following topics: EP/Album Reviews, Feature Articles, Artist Interviews/Industry Insights, Musician Tips, etc

— We don’t have any minimum requirements, but the articles usually run between 250 and 800 words.

— If we notice some possibilities for improvement, we can edit the content without altering its original message. We will also fact-check and proofread the article to make sure it’s entirely accurate.

— Relevant links to other sites to help our audience understand your message better are allowed.

— You can promote your articles and reply to comments so that readers could see you as a part of this blog.


— Your articles must be original and free from any copyright infringements. We’re not forbidding you to republish articles elsewhere. But it would be nice if you included this text at the beginning of your article:

This post was originally published [link to a full article on Louder.me].

The payment will be sent via PayPal at the end of each month.

If you’re interested in writing for Louder.me, contact us. Send your article and the following information:

Your full name

Your Twitter/Facebook or personal blog link

PayPal email

Last but not least — don’t forget to have fun! Music production is a creative community with literary no limitations. Keep this in mind when you’re writing about it.

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